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Listed are some of the questions that are usually brought up during our consultations with our customers. If there are more questions that you have, you can always call (724) 419-0426 and we will answer any solar related questions you may still have and we will help you find out if going solar is right for your home! 

  • What happens if the power goes out?
    Power outages can and will occur. Since our customers systems are connected with the grid, our sytems will be turned off as it can very dangerous for energy providers to be working on power lines during an outage.
  • How large of a solar panel system do I need?
    All our systems are custom fit to each home. All homeowners have different amounts of electrical usage and will need different size systems for their needs. Our goal is to find the optimal system for your personal needs.
  • What are some of the credits I can recieve for going solar?
    There are two credits offered in the state of Pennsylvania. The main incentive is the Federal Tax Credit. Customers will recieve 30% of their total systems cost back on their Federal Income Tax. i.e A solar panel is system is purcahsed for $20,000, $6,000 can be claimed on the customers Federal income Tax. The second credit offered is the Pennsylvania SREC which credits customers for every 1,000 kw produced.
  • How long do solar panels last?
    Atlas Solar partners with an industry leading solar supplier, Mission Solar Inc. These Solar panel systems are built to last homeowners a lifetime. All Panels come with an industry leading 25 year product and performance warranty. All Homeowners systems are equipped with next level technology, allowing them to have the ability to monitor their systems efficiency and production to ensure they are operating to the best of their ability.
  • How much electricty will my system produce?
    There are multple factors that can affect the exact amount of electricty produced per panel such as direct sunlight. However with the help of our solar software, we will be able to give homeowners very accurate estimates of the amount of electricity they can expoect to produce throughout a given year.
  • If it is a rainy or cloudy day will I still produce electricity?
    Yes! These ultra high efficiency panels are designed to run off of visible light. As long as there is light in the sky, your panels will be operating. Our professional engineers account for the current weather patterns of your area as well as the average amount of sun hours your location recieves. These precise calculations result in the most accurate production estimation possible.
  • Can solar panels be installed on all types of roofs?
    Our installers can install on asphalt shingle and metal roofs,
  • Do solar panels have to go on my roof?
    No, we provide the ability to install both roof and ground mounted systems. With ground mounted systems, panels have the ability to be facing their optimal angle as well.
  • How much does a solar panel system cost?
    Many factors will help determine the cost of your system such as amount of panels, roof or ground mount installation, etc. All of these costs will be shown and discussed with our customers in our free at home consultations.
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